Geoff Edwards – Bhompston Fly Fisher
John Aplin and his ‘Riverworks’ team have been undertaking weed cutting and both advising and assisting with bank maintenance on the Bhompston beat of the river Frome for many years. His advice and knowledge concerning the ecology of the river is excellent. Furthermore he actively promoting further work in support of improving the fishing on both the Frome and Piddle rivers in conjunction with the Environment Agency and the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Duncan Rush – Kingston Mauward Fishing
John Aplin and Casterbridge Fisheries have been working as management and development consultants on the fishery for more than 5 years. Over that period, they have been involved with many habitat improvement projects including river bank and bed re-profiling engineering works, spawning gravel deposition, and a range of revetment and in stream flow projects. In addition, they are actively involved with the ongoing management and  maintenance of the fishery.
The long relationship they have had with us is testament to their exceptional work, their pro-active attitude to working with fishery owners and managers, and the wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience they bring to projects regardless of scale. They are thoroughly dependable and professional, and its a pleasure working with them.

Dorchester Fishing Club – Managing Committee
John Aplin has a well established reputation as an expert on chalk stream management. The excellent work that he has done over many years to maintain and improve the Frome and its tributaries is highly valued by the members of Dorchester Fishing Club.


Client – Anon
I was privileged to have the opportunity to fish the Frome in Dorchester. Thanks to Johns knowledge I was put on the fish straight away. We ended up trotting some perfect glides, which resulted in some great fishing. John was influential in my presentation and to only release a few maggots at a time.

Client – Kim
Hello John,
I would like to thank you for a really enjoyable days fishing on the beatat Bockhampton on 14th July – it was a really memorable day on your magical stretch of the Frome and it was a real privilege to fish thislovely stretch of river.
Many thanks for a really enjoyable day – I hope I will be able to visit you again soon. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards,  Kim

Client – James
Hi John,
It was great to meet you yesterday.
Dad and I had fantastic day on the River. After we saw you at the top end we went back to the lower water to catch a few more. The results for the day were: Dad had 3 good trout to about 1.5lb and got stripped and broke by a powerful fish. I ended up with 7 trout up to 1 1/4lb and a really good grayling,see the photo, the fish was a bit camera shy!
As we walked back to the car we saw a bloody huge fish hanging in some shallow water just below metal footbridge. It was huge and seemed too big for a brown trout. I tried to take a picture but it spooked up stream into a hole. It looked about 3ft long and dark. It seemed too dark for a sea trout unless it had been in the river a while.
I am keen to book another day or so, is it best to wait until the late summer or does the river fish OK mid summer?
Thanks for a great day, we should go out in the boat sea angling sometime or you should pop up to Somerset for somepike on the fly.
Kind regards James   PS the Pub was an excellent recommendation – great lunch!

Client & friend – Adrian Pinder
Just wanted to let you know that we ad a good journey back (albeit with our heads in tatters!) Enormous thanks for giving me such an awesome opportunity. I’ll be taking the memories from the last few days to the grave with me.
Can’t tell you how impressed I was with your skippering capabilities and what a tremendous host you’ve been.
Tight lines over the next few days and I’ll look forward to checking in on the blog.

Client – Shawn
I’ve just had a good look through your blog and I’m positively amazed at how you and your team have changed the Frome around Dorchester, to the extent that I barely recognise many of the spots… well done and keep up the good work!
In particular the two stretches that were always void of fish were  (old) Poundbury (from Seven Springs to Loders Garage) and between Blue Bridge and Greys Bridge. It looks as though you’re changing that. It would be fantastic if I could fish those stretches one day when I visit England and land (and return of course) a wild brownie or two.

Rodney Goodship owner Fish the Dream fishing holidays the Florida Keys
John Aplin first came to Fish the Dream many years ago and now his yearly visits are one of look forward to weeks. He has truly become [ I hope ] a good friend not just a customer.  I was so impressed with his boat handling skills he was first choice to run Fish the Dream when I had to go back early to the UK last year. John will be doing the same this year and I have no worries that all will be just fine. Who else with little or no mechanical would be prepared to change a starter motor with just a web cam to help. All the clients who had John as skip were more than impressed and dodging the bridge piles in the dark fighting a tarpon is not for the faint-hearted.  Top skip, guy and friend.